Week of January 7, 2008

I am currently filling committee vacancies and will report them when I have confirmed the appointments. The negotiation team for SB 1453-150 day discharge is me, Bill Wiener (PA I), Deborah Shoup (PA II-DARS) and Houston Whisenton (PA II-DARS). Anyone who wants to provide information on workload issues relative to these negotiations may contact any of us. We will begin negotiations on January 23rd.

On Monday I attended the California Rehabilitation Oversight Board (C-ROB) and spoke briefly with Jim Tilton. It is important that PAAC be represented at these meetings to provide information relative to our jobs. I have observed that technical information is being reported to committees and the legislature that does not reflect the real aspect of parole, what we do and those that we supervise.

The PAAC meeting on January 12th was attended by approximately 45 members from Region I & II. Director Tom Hoffman spoke to us and answered many questions. One issue he agreed to look at was the EOT “freeze”. Hopefully, we can return to that process soon. He has agreed to attend PAAC meetings throughout the state in the future.

CCPOA VP Chuck Alexander talked about the Last Best Final. The message is that we do not have many answers, since LBF is uncharted waters. We do not know where this is going, with more unknowns than facts at this time. The proposals by the Governor will undoubtedly go through many changes in the next 45 days.

MRSA is prevalent in the prisons and also within our population. CDCR put out a report, but failed to address dealing with the disease in parole supervision. I have asked Mr. Hoffman to consider policy which could include waiving specs while the parolee is infected.

I am trying to identify contact persons at every unit to distribute union material. I will be sending out letters soon to those we currently have. Every complex should have a CCPOA/PAAC bulletin board for union postings. Job Steward lists are being updated. I encourage those who are interested to take the training to help members with representation.

There are numerous classifications in our chapter. I am trying to make sure that we reach all of you and address your issues. We represent PSAs; Parole Agents at DAPO, BPH and OCS. We also represent CCC IIs at CCFs, and dues paying managers throughout the state.

The new Bloodborne Exposure policy was recently released. It is important that everyone know what the process is before there is an exposure. Talk to your supervisor and know where the closest sites are to your work place that have the necessary treatments for contaminated blood exposures.


The following are the results of elections conducted during the month of November 2007, for CCPOA/PAAC Chapter Offices. The term of office is from January 2008 to January 2011.

Chapter President-Melinda Silva, Sacramento Parole

Vice President-Paul Labbe, Huntington Park Parole

Region I Representatives:
Terry Gibbs, Sacramento Parole
Dave MacIlvaine, Visalia Parole

Region II Representatives:
Irma Dominicci, Daly City Parole
Edgar Hampton, Oakland Parole

Region III Representatives:
Diane Boudreaux, Inglewood Parole
Debbie Sallie, El Monte Parole

Region IV Representatives:
Tifani LaDuke, Moreno Valley Parole
Mark Valdez, San Diego Parole

January 2008 PAAC Union Meeting

PAAC Union Meeting

January 12, 2008
9:00 A.M.

Four Points Sheraton
4900 Duckhorn Drive
Sacramento, CA 95834

Del Paso Blvd. Exit (West) off I-5
Turn left onto El Centro and left onto Duckhorn Drive.

Meet your new PAAC President, Vice President and Regional Reps.

Parole Director, Tom Hoffman, and CCPOA Executive Vice President, Chuck Alexander, will attend this meeting.

Breakfast and Lunch served.

January 4, 2008 Update

Thank you for your vote of confidence in electing me to the PAAC Presidency. It has been a whirlwind transition, with Scott Johnson handing over the duties in December. I was working in the Redding Parole Unit in December. They are extremely understaffed and requesting agents, from other areas, to assist them. I returned to the Sacramento Metro Parole Office after the election.
I met with Tom Hoffman in January. It was a quick meeting and we talked about agenda issues that I hope to address. My plan is to visit every region in the next few months and meet with the regional reps and the managers in those areas. However, at this time I am being required, by management, to carry a full caseload which will inhibit my ability, for the time being, to carry out these plans. I am still attempting to resolve this situation. Scott Johnson has noted that he was not required to have a full caseload during his tenure.
PAAC has been notified regarding negotiations with Department of Addiction and Recovery Services (DARS) on SB 1453/ PC 2933.4 early discharge cases. There has been speculation that DARS will implement, however, the intention at this time is to schedule dates to meet on this topic. DAPO should also be a part of those negotiations. The negotiation team will have two DARS agents, one field agent and myself. Please let me know of any issues or concerns regarding this program so we can address them.
There are PAAC committees that have vacancies. If you are interested in being on weapons, telecommunications, bylaws, policy and procedure or finance committees, please send me an email with a brief statement and contact number.