Furloughs have now started. Policy has been issued describing how each employee will use their furlough day. Based on the document from the February 5th court hearing and conversations with representatives at CCPOA, we were not able to show “harm” since the furloughs had not yet been implemented. The CCPOA web page provides additional information. In order to show “harm”, we must all document problems that arise from this furlough process. If you are not allowed to take the furlough days that you request, document and provide that information to your local representatives. If you take your two-days furlough and need additional time to get your work done, you must request OT or modification of caseload specs in writing. There are no clear directives from HQ on how this will impact 7K and the ability to get OT. If your request is denied or you do not receive an adequate response, note that information in an email and forward it to the local PAAC reps:

Region I-Terry Gibbs and Dave MacIlvaine

Region II-Irma Dominicci and Edgar Hampton

Region III-Diane Boudreaux and Debbie Sallie

Region IV-Tifani LaDuke and Mark Valdez

CCPOA received notice on the PVDMI (Parole Violation Decision Making Instrument) and COMPAS policy. We will be negotiating February 17th, 18th and 19th. The team members that will assist me include: Carl Crawford (Region III), Gilbert Gil (Region IV) and Todd Gilliam (Region I). The policy notice said there was no extra work reported by pilot staff (Stockton, Santa Maria, San Fernando and Chula Vista). I have talked to agents in those pilot units and they tell me there is extra work required and additional time necessary to complete the tasks of the PVDMI. The roll out of this program/training is scheduled to begin in South Central the week of February 23rd and will be completed in all units throughout the state by September 2009. This is a short month, with two holidays and furlough days if you choose to use them. The training will be at least 8 hours. Make sure appropriate adjustments are done (OT or modification of specs) if you are unable to make your workload specs. Contact your reps if problems arise.

The PAAC job steward list will be posted on the web page in the near future. If your name is not on the list and you have completed the training and want to be appointed as a job steward, contact me. The next job steward training will be February 19th in West Sacramento at the CCPOA office. Contact CCPOA at 916-372-6060 if you want to sign up

EOT transfers are again “frozen” according to Director Hoffman. We have not yet received written notice. However, no EOT was done in January. Management is meeting to rewrite the EOT policy. They want to limit the number of transfers and have fewer months to utilize that transfer process. I am not willing to alter what we have in Sideletter 19 of the Last, Best and Final Agreement. That does not mean that management cannot force this on us, as they have done with other issues. Despite the “freeze” on EOT transfers, management continues to make lateral moves. It is important to let your reps know of any moves at any location, so we can incorporate this information in a pending arbitration case to show continuing violations.

Agents have called me to ask if I “support” the planned changes to HC PAL caseloads in Region III as reported by managers from HQ. I have had discussions with Robert Ambroselli, but have NOT seen any draft of the proposed pilot program for HC PALs. I cannot support an unknown process. When we receive a notice of the proposal, we will negotiate impact.  Diane Boudreaux will be on the negotiation team, in addition to other agents from Region III.

The next CCPOA State Board meeting will be February 21st and 22nd at the Holiday Inn, 300 J Street, Sacramento.

The next PAAC meeting is March 14th at Radisson Suites Covina, 1211 E. Garvey Street, Covina, CA 91724.