The memorial for the four slain Oakland Police Officers killed by a HC Parolee At large was held on 3/27/09. There was an impressive turnout at the service. Many parole agents from throughout the state attended to honor these men. Politicians are now reconsidering the risk parolees pose to police, agents and citizens on a daily basis. It is sad that such a tragedy had to occur for politicians and managers to reconsider how parole should be “reformed”. It is important for us to thank our local police that assist us on a regular basis in doing our job.

I had the pleasure of meeting the Oakland parole agents that supervised the parolee that killed the officers. They are absolutely top-notch agents who did their job well. I was concerned that investigators from the Inspector General’s Office were in the Oakland office first thing Monday after the incident to interview the agents and their supervisor. They did not even give them the opportunity to obtain a rep or attorney. Even though there was no wrongdoing, they still had the right of representation and should have been allowed the opportunity to contact a representative. I talked to HQ about this and we need to make every attempt to ensure this does not happen again. Contact your reps or CCPOA directly if any significant event like this occurs.

There will be flyers distributed by CCPOA regarding plans to possibly direct discharge/release non-serious and non-violent parolees. They will be distributed via email and you should print and share in the community.

I have met with Scott Kernan and Terri McDonald in the last few weeks. I, again, expressed ongoing concerns about units that are not appropriately handling Policy 08-08. I am hoping we can get them to reevaluate how they handle the locations where excessive caseloads exist without appropriate overtime and/or modification. Regions I and III are the most problematic right now. The Harbor/Long Beach complex has recently been transferred to Region IV and hopefully those agents will see some relief soon.

There is apparently a hard freeze on lateral moves throughout the state. Since EOTs are no longer occurring, we will never recoup the positions we continue to lose. PA II promotions are happening, which results in lost EOT moves to those positions. CCPOA has been noticed by management regarding their plans to change the EOT process. It is one more “take away” by management that we will not get back. It will essentially remove Sideletter 19, as we previously knew it.

I have been meeting with different legislators to try to get information out on what we do and the importance of our duties. They are responding to my contacts, especially when the information pertains to their areas of representation.

There have been two Senate hearings on Matt Cate’s confirmation. He has been asked some hard questions relative to many topics. It is important that PAAC continue to keep him informed of the issues we face daily. Legislators are starting to listen and hopefully, we can get them to do ride-alongs in their respective areas of representation.

I attended the California Law Enforcement Alliance/Law Enforcement Legislative Day. Many of the district attorneys, sheriffs, and police representatives, who attended, support us. We need to foster good relationships with our local agencies to retain their support as we enter into the parole reform era.

CDCR budget hearings occurred last week. I am concerned that administrators do not realize what agents really need, to do their jobs. Employment Development Department (EDD) contracts were discussed. Please let me know if you have EDD services in your area that actually help your parolees find employment. There is a contract for their services that is a multi year document that totaled over $3 million. It is unclear where they are providing service.

We have seen the first examples of written counseling chronos on agents for not running DECS. This will undoubtedly expand. With all the new duties agents have, plus large caseloads, it has become more difficult to accomplish all the requisite work on our caseloads. Let your reps know if you suffer any sanction relative to this increased work.

I have recently spent a lot of time at the legislature, in the CCPOA legislative office and at CCPOA HQ working for PAAC. I also continue to schedule meetings with DAPO managers at HQ in an attempt to resolve our concerns.

I have concerns with recent activity by a CCPOA paid staff who is attempting to undermine the PAAC board. I have documented my concerns with Mike Jimenez and will continue to follow through.

PAAC represents Correctional Counselors at CCFs, PSAs, managers, and parole agents statewide. We have 2,500 members within different hiring authorities. There are members at all institutions. This makes distribution of PAAC issues difficult. I am trying to get the web page information out to everyone so members have access to what we are doing. If you want an issue discussed with your hiring authority, send me an email and let me know. I will try to address all topics.

We recently negotiated ICDTP (in custody drug treatment programs) with DARS. Again, there are no true negotiations. Labor relations representatives continue to tell us there are no workload issues. That is the consistent theme at all negotiations.

CCPOA State Board of Directors General Membership Meeting will be held April 18, 2009 at Red Lion Inn, 2400 Camino Del Rio Court, Bakersfield. 6661-327-0681.

PAAC General Membership Meeting is APRIL 25, 2009 at Courtyard Marriot, 5555 Shellmound St, Emeryville, CA 510-652-8777.

JOB STEWARD TRAINING is scheduled for APRIL 29, 2009 at Old Spaghetti Factory, 11896 Foothill Blvd., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730. If you are interested in attending, you must contact CCPOA Southern Office at 800-221-7397 to sign up.