By now you have received your first paycheck with the impact (less money) of three furlough days.  If you look at your payroll stub, you will notice that you only received 16 hours of furlough credit.  I am not sure if that happened statewide or just up north.  Personnel indicated they did not have adequate time to add the third furlough day to the leave credits.  Next month you should receive 24+8.  Keep track of your credits.  With all of the changes and reduced staff hours everywhere, it is important to ensure your pay and leave credits are accurate.

An academy has been scheduled for September 14th and job offers have been made.  Instructors have also been notified.

We still don’t have definitive answers on the parole reform that has been included in the $1.2 billion reduction to the CDCR budget.  DARS appears to be taking a significant budget reduction and we have been told jobs will be eliminated. Houston Whisenton (909-553-5683) and I have been trying to deal with rumor control and get as much information as possible on this issue.  Mark Kramer ((209-628-9538) from the Central Valley has been involved in dealing with these issues also.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact any of us at the numbers noted.

I am working with one “redirected” PA II in finding a new position.  A redirection is when a person’s job is eliminated and that person must be placed in another position.  When a job is eliminated, there is a personnel team that is supposed to work with person’s affected.  The agent is given a list of Parole Agent II vacancies and given a certain period of time to make a selection, ranking their preferences from the list.  We have received mixed direction on exactly how this works.  I was told it is 50 miles for “redirects” and within the county if you actually receive a layoff notice.  Personnel indicated that “limited term” assignments can be “bumped” by an agent who has been displaced.  If a significant number of PA II positions from DARS are redirected, the impact will become more noteworthy as the number of vacancies is reduced.  I do not yet know the full process as we move through these lost positions.  I have been working with CCPOA and will continue to do so.  If you have questions or concerns contact me at 916-239-5730.

Due to General Fund reduction, the Rural Health Care Equity Program is terminated effective 8/1/09.  Chuck Alexander will be discussing this unilateral change in benefits next week with attorneys from Carroll, Burdick and McDonough.

Medical Premium Holiday is based on Assembly Bill 12 (4X) and will allow PERS to use more than $265 million in excess reserves to offset health premiums for two months for self-funded preferred provider organization (PPO) plans. 

We are trying to locate the Region III local OT agreement.  (I actually have page 1 and 3).  Anyone that has it or knows who does, please contact me so we can provide to management.  The fact that the document is not readily available would indicate that the agreement is not being followed.

Job Steward training is scheduled in Salinas Friday August 28, 2009, from
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  Training will be at Denny’s (Airport), 1255 De La Torre, Salinas, CA.  To sign up, contact the Fresno CCPOA office at 800-832-1415 or 559-431-5390.  If you are interested in job steward training in other areas of the state, send me an email with your Region and location.  I will try to get training scheduled in other areas when we have enough interest in other locations throughout the state.

CCPOA recently received a statewide notice with CDCR’s intent to remove home storage permits from certain agents.  The full impact of this is unknown.  We currently believe the following agents may lose their cars/home storage permit effective August 10th:  DARS, PACT agents, DRUNA agents, and HQ administrative assignments.  The negotiation team will be: Lupe Sanchez (Region III PACT), Houston Whisenton (DARS), Tifani LaDuke (Region IV PACT) and me.  I have received many written justifications for keeping the cars.  If you have not already done so, submit your justification to me via email:

If you have been the subject of an adverse action or you are a job steward that has represented someone at a Skelly hearing, it is very important that you submit the adverse package to the local CCPOA office immediately.  The time frame to file an SPB appeal is 30 days from implementation of adverse action and 15 days if it is a rejection on probation.  If the individual is not sure if they want to appeal, it is probably best to meet the time frames and get the appeal filed.  Staff can change their mind and pull the appeal at a later date.

As a reminder, CCPOA Family Legal Plan can provide you with a copy of the Caldwell Mortgage Meltdown Survival Guide by contacting 800-222-3035.  Their attorneys are also available to answer questions and provide assistance.

The next PAAC Membership Meeting will be August 29th at the Ontario Hilton, 700 North Haven Avenue, Ontario, CA  91764 (909-481-1715).  The format will be a little different to try to reduce our costs and utilize everyone weekend’s time the best.  The meeting will be from 9 AM to 1 PM.

There is a lot of anxiety and frustration now with the lost work hours, reduction in pay, high caseloads, etc.  If you have ideas, questions, or concerns contact me via email and I will respond and/or follow through to get you answers.