Robert Ambroselli stated on the statewide conference call this month that Employee Opportunity Transfers (EOT) would not occur this year.  This is frustrating since the next academy is scheduled for January 3, 2011, and 80 job offers have probably already been made to the prospective new agents.  These job offers are undoubtedly in prime locations where senior agents are trying to transfer.  I have repeatedly asked Robert to allow EOT transfers, as a non-monetary move to improve morale and comply with the Implemented Terms of Sideletter 19, to no avail.

Several agents have been out on workers’ compensation from GPS caseloads.  I spoke with a State Compensation Fund investigator about the excessive stress related to these caseloads and agents inability to transfer out of those positions.  If you have been off work or know someone who has been previously off or is still off for work related to the GPS caseload, please contact me immediately.  The work related to GPS caseloads specs is more intensive than a regular caseload, with no acknowledgement of all the extra work associated with GPS supervision.

Elections of PAAC positions will occur in November, with ballots being counted in December.  There was a problem with Region IV locations receiving Region III ballots.  Some agents also reported not receiving their ballots.  I have spoken with the CCPOA Credentials Committee about this problem.  It is anticipated that Region III and Region IV ballots for board representatives/directors only will be redone, with new ballots going out in December.

I recently attended a Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) field parole chapter union meeting in Riverside.  Based on recent legislation, these positions will be going away by 2014.  It is anticipated that this might occur more quickly if counties choose to take these juveniles/adults, who are already in the community under juvenile parole supervision, and supervise them at the local probation level.  The counties will receive funding from CDCR for supervision and incarceration for these juvenile parolees.  Local probation departments will supervise all new released parolees from DJJ facilities.  A significant percentage of DJJ parolees are over 18. 

We will be negotiating the Re-entry Court process that has been funded in seven counties.  Orange County has reportedly decided to not participate.  The other counties that will have re-entry courts are:  San Joaquin, Alameda, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.  Negotiations will occur on November 30th.  There is apparently no funding for DAPO, with all money going to the county level for these programs. 

Jerry Brown will take over as Governor in January of 2011.  There may be significant changes in statewide leadership throughout CDCR as a result of Brown’s election.  We will not know the direction that CDCR and/or DAPO will go until next year.  There continues to be concern that the budget deficit will result in more changes for all of CDCR.  Without a contract, we continue to work with little input into workload related issues.

The PA II Specialist to Supervisor conversion continues to move forward with an anticipated date of February 2011.  Despite numerous attempts to protect this classification as rank and file, management is adamant that the PA II Supervisor will be exempt from FLSA.  They will not get overtime and will no longer be represented by CCPOA for negotiation purposes.  PA IIs can still pay union dues and receive representation for investigations and grievances.

Furloughs have again been extended.  If you are unable to use your furloughs due to workload, you are able to bank those hours and use them at your discretion.

The CCPOA State Board meeting is December 5th at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino, 3700 W. Flamingo, Las Vegas, NV  89103.  The CCPOA convention is December 6th & 7th at this same location.  Talk to your local representatives to see what statewide CCPOA elections are occurring and topics that will be discussed at the convention.  They represent you and should have your input.

The results of the PAAC elections will be posted in December immediately upon completion of the ballots being counted.  Once those results are known, elected representatives will take over in January.  General Membership PAAC meetings will be scheduled after the results are known.