Results of the PAAC elections:

President-Melinda Silva, Sacramento Metro #4


Vice President-Todd Gilllam, Red Bluff


Region I Representatives:

     Matt Hill, Fresno

     Dave MacIlvaine, Visalia


Region II Representatives:

     Dexster Vo, San Jose

     Medra Pattillo, Berkeley


Region III Representatives:

     William Heaton, El Monte

     Carla Ford Williams, Inglewood


Region IV Representatives:

     Gilbert Gil, San Bernardino 

     Martin Aguirre, Riverside


I will post the representative’s cell phone numbers on the web page and get them distributed to the field as soon as I receive them.


The job steward list needs updating for 2011.  If you are no longer interested in being a job steward, please send me an email requesting your removal from the list.  If you are interested and have not yet had the training, let me know so we can get training scheduled as soon as possible.

The plan for PA II Specialist to Supervisor conversion continues to be problematic.  There will be a decision in January as to whether lateral transfers will be allowed, so the conversion of the field PA II positions can move forward.  If it is determined that laterals are not allowed for moves from PA II Specialist to PA II Supervisor, the department will have to review the lateral moves that have already been completed.  If only promotional moves will be allowed, there will have to be a new PA II Supervisor test for current field PA II Specialists.  This conversion appears to be a costly process, which seems inappropriate in the current budget climate.  The majority of field PA II Specialists we have talked to are opposed to this conversion also.

I have had numerous discussions with agents statewide regarding light duty assignments.  They do exist and there is policy that speaks to the duration of the light duty positions. 

Hardship transfers are still being considered, but the facts must meet the criteria within current policy.  There appears to be an increase in requests, especially since EOTs are no longer being done.

Internal affairs investigations and adverse actions continue unabated with increased frequency.  I cannot reiterate strongly enough:  DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN AN INTERNAL AFFAIRS INVESTIGATION WITHOUT A REPRESENTATIVE!  Even if you are a witness in an investigation, you have a right to a representative and should have one.  Occasionally a witness in an investigation becomes a subject of the investigation based on statements that are made.

There are discussions that OSATS parole agents may be redirected to DAPO.  This is just one of many changes that are being considered in CDCR.  I don’t have any specific facts at this time, but we should know soon if this move is going to transpire.  OSATS has told us that they plan to move forward in 2011 to fill 7 PA I transportation positions. 

It is important that all agents review their supervisory file periodically.  I would suggest that you request to see all notes, documents, computer entries, files, etc. at least once a year.  If there are negative comments that you are not aware of, you need to document the Peace Officer Bill of Rights (POBR) violation immediately.  If there are no negative comments, you should document that via email to your supervisor confirming you reviewed the file and it was clear.  Then, if negative performance evaluations or write-ups are received, you can substantiate that there was no documentation to support them.

Negotiations for the Re-entry Court process were last held on 12/15/10.  Each county court appears to be operating differently, which makes capturing the actual work involved difficult to monitor.  We are still scheduled to resume negotiations sometime after the first of the year.  Agents that are participating in the re-entry courts should contact me and let me know how it is affecting your workload.

Some field parole agents have had to give their vehicles to CPAT agents.  CPAT agents should be getting different cars after the first of the year.  Robert Ambroselli indicated that they are trying to work with DGS for a variety of cars for them with a lower mileage trade in.  They are also talking about conducting a pilot program for taser guns and possibly EVOC training for the CPAT agents.

Negotiations were conducted on December 29th for the firearms conversion from 9 MM to .40 caliber Smith & Wesson M & P as the state issued weapon.  The academy scheduled for January 3, 2011, will be issued the .40 caliber M & P.  Current agents will do a transition course of 4 hours in 2011 if they are converting to a state issued M & P.  Agents will still have the options of carrying their personally owned 9 mm firearm and .38 caliber shooters may continue to carry those weapons.  The transition course, for those opting to retain their 9 mm will be three hours to address the change in shooting positions and reloading.

We have received a notice to negotiate the Field Training Officer Program.  The regions have reportedly all hired their PA II’s for the initial pilot program.  They are supposed to be PA II Supervisors, but it is unknown if that is the case.  They were supposed to have advertised for the PA I FTO positions and should be interviewing in January.  They will have 6 FTO PA I’s in each region to begin the pilot.

If you are on vacation, you should not have to trade Officer of the Day (OD) duties with another agent.  Your supervisor must arrange that OD coverage and also any specs associated with workload that you can not complete due to being off sick, vacation, etc.

There are a lot of rumors circulating about the proposed Governor’s budget to be released in January.  Newspaper articles reference serious budget cuts.  Jerry Brown has previously indicated that parole and probation should be integrated.  We do not know any specific facts at this time and will have to see what the budget indicates for DAPO.  As soon as I get more information, I will update the membership.  We do not know the direction parole will be headed and need to be very proactive in discussions regarding the future of our profession.

I would like to thank all of you that took the time to vote in the PAAC election.  We need to continue to ensure that accurate information is provided to CCPOA to ensure that agents receive the appropriate ballots.  There was a problem with that on the current elections for representatives in Region IV.  An appeal may be moving forward at the CCPOA State Board of Directors meeting on February 5, 2011.  

Based on the delayed election results, I have not been able to schedule a general membership meeting.  I am going to try to schedule one for Region III on January 29, 2011.  As soon as I can confirm the location, I will get flyers out to the membership.