The current status of AB 109 is unknown.  It is not yet funded, so it is unclear if the implementation of parole realignment is imminent in the new fiscal year.  There is speculation and rumors; however, we just do not know what the future of our division is at this time.  CDCR is creating task forces for the implementation of AB 109 assuming it will be funded.  Staff from all four regions will be traveling to HQ to work on this process.

I continue to get calls about the lack of overtime, even when caseloads exceed current levels.  If you are over points and/or need additional time to accomplish work that is required of you, make your request in writing via email to your supervisor.  If they do not respond or deny the request, send a follow up email and indicate what work you will not be able to accomplish with the approved work hours you have remaining.  It is important that you also contact your local PAAC representatives so we can document this information.  Even though there is a serious budget issue, you should not have to work for free to accomplish necessary work.  If you receive last minute information for gate pickups on a weekend, you should not be required to flex your schedule to avoid paying overtime.  This continues to happen and we need to hold management accountable with current policy and the Implemented Terms (hopefully soon to be new MOU).

Agents have 24 hours to complete a CDC 1502b form following the arrest of a parolee.  We have reports of agents in Region IV being required to complete these forms by noon on the day following arrest.  This is not what current policy requires.  Even though we do not yet have a ratified MOU, the department has policies and Implemented Terms exist.  We need to ensure that management follows these policies. 

If your proposed work schedule is denied, you have a right to have your supervisor explain in writing.  “Operational needs” should be described and is not a term that stands on it’s own.  If we can get enough examples statewide, we can show a pattern of violations of this section of Implemented Terms.

There are a growing number of agents throughout the state in various parole offices who are required to act as support staff at the reception desks.  While I support teamwork and employees helping each other, it is not appropriate for parole agents to be doing support staff work.  Management could allow the phone calls to be answered by the services and/or offices could close during lunch if there are not adequate staff to complete those duties.  It is important that BU 6 peace officers not lose time from their job duties as peace officers to do another bargaining unit’s work.   The state has many vacancies and if we work for free or lose time doing from our duties, it does not require management to manage with their current resources.  At least one grievance has been filed in Region III.

A PERB Unfair Labor Practice was filed on April 22, 2011, on the PA II conversion from specialist to supervisor.  We have a meeting scheduled next week and should know more on the status of that conversion in the near future.  Letters have gone out reminding everyone that they must take both the PA II Specialist and PA II Supervisor components of the test scheduled for May 21st.  While I would like to see this conversion stopped completely, the test is necessary for the Field Training Program (FTP) PA II Supervisor positions.  When we negotiated the FTP program, DPA agreed that the current staff in those positions would be compensated to act out of class in the PA II Supervisor position.  Region IV converted their positions to PA II Supervisors, but the other three regions did not get this accomplished before it was determined that these lateral moves could not occur. 

OSATS is reporting closure of I.C.D.T.P. jail based programs in Orange, Contra Costa, Santa Clara and Tulare Counties.  There are also other program cuts from OSATS associated with a $150 million budget reduction.  Contract staff are being notified and intake for those programs will stop in the near future.

It is unknown if any additional positions at OSATS will be lost as a result of these closures.  There are significant PA II Specialist vacancies, but it is not clear if that will allow the existing staff to remain at OSATS.

SROA notices should be distributed in the next few weeks for the HQ reductions in Sacramento County only.  It is not known if any other layoffs plans will be forthcoming since we do not know the status of the budget or AB 109.  May revisions to the budget will be released next month and we may start to see more reductions relative to the budget deficit. 

Job Steward training is scheduled in West Sacramento for 9 AM to 4 PM on May 24, 2011, or June 9, 2011.  To register for either of these trainings, call Cathy at CCPOA Labor (916) 372-6060 or (800) 821-6443.

If you contact a Job Steward for help with a grievance or other employment issues, please work with that individual.  When staff contact multiple stewards for the same situation, the duplication can be counter productive to resolution of problems.  It is more efficient for one staff to be contacting managers to resolve problems.

Former Parole Agent David R. Simons passed away on 4/27/11.  He was a former PAAC Vice President.  You can contact the Elk Grove Funeral Chapel at 916-686-1888 for additional information.  A funeral mass will be held at St. Joseph’s Church on Saturday, May 7th at 1 pm, 9961 Florin Road, Elk Grove.

Don’t forget to submit your ballot for the MOU.  Senate Bill 151, the MOU bill, was originally scheduled to be heard April 28th, however, it was delayed until Monday afternoon.

It is important that we discuss facts when and if realignment occurs.  A time frame for this proposed process is not known.  There is not adequate information to state specific scenarios of what might occur and this will be an evolving process.  If budget cuts occur without realignment, there may also be reductions to our division.  

PAAC meetings are scheduled for the following dates:

May 7, 2011
Hilton Ontario Airport
700 N. Haven Ave.
Ontario, CA  91764

June 4, 2011
Courtyard Marriott
5555 Shellmound St.
Emeryville, CA  94608

Meetings will be from 9 AM to 2 PM.  Chuck Alexander, CCPOA VP, has been invited to all meetings.  It is important that we continue to stay strong and work together as our profession is facing changes.  If you have questions, call your local representatives.