State Restriction of Appointment (SROA) notices have been received by PA I, PA II, PA III and other classifications as part of the Headquarters Reduction.  This should only affect Sacramento County staff at this time. CCPOA has not yet received any notice for this layoff plan.  This process takes approximately 120 days before moves are done.  More notices are sent out than the actual number of staff who may be losing their positions.  Therefore, if you received a notice it does not mean you will absolutely be affected. You can read more about the SROA process on the Department of Personnel Administration website:

Medical Parole of inmates is being negotiated.  Members for that negotiating team are:  Michael Mata (Bakersfield), Jeff Bigley (Santa Rosa), Elvira Harris (CCI), Todd Gillam and I.  These agents were selected because they have a number of potential parolees in their communities.  A Correctional Counselor is on the team because there is impact to their workload also.  Our next negotiation on this is June 10th.

The notice to CCPOA for negotiations on the Parole Agent II conversion from specialist to supervisor was received on May 19, 2011.  The modified notice reduced the impact from 194 positions to only the current PA II vacancies.  Team members for this negotiation are:  Gilbert Gil (Region IV), Paul Price (Region III) and Bill Charette (Region I).  Contact any of these agents or me if you have issues that you want discussed or considered at this negotiation table.  A date has not yet been set.

We still have a Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) Unfair Labor Practice filed based on CDCR implementing the PA II conversion before it was negotiated.  It was temporarily placed in abeyance while we move forward with the negotiations.  We continue to work on many issues related to this conversion.

We had a one-day meeting to negotiate the Containment Model and HRSO Outpatient Treatment.  Team members were:  Santiago Auditor, Tim Lomheim, and Patrick Hodak.  After discussions, management determined they needed to do more work on the policy and we agreed to meet in the future to resume these negotiations. 

A pilot program for Point Pattern Analysis is planned for the GPS units in San Bernardino and Fresno.  It changes what the GPS monitoring center does regarding alerts.  CCPOA has not received a notice as of May 30, 2011, but we believe that one is imminent.  The program was originally scheduled to begin June 1st.  It will now be delayed until negotiations can be completed.  I attended the initial overview that was presented to the San Bernardino agents and have talked to some of the agents in the Fresno GPS unit.  Workload impact will have to be discussed to ensure that agents are not expected to do more work than can be accomplished in a work period.  For those agents that are in the pilot location, please contact team members with workload issues or other concerns.  Negotiation team members are:   Scott Goss, Patrick Hodak, Tim Lomheim, Santiago Auditor, and Brent Epstein.

Office of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (OSATS) has scheduled training for their Parole Service Associates (PSA) on Safety and Tactics for Parole Service Associates.  This is an important issue that should be considered for all PSAs, however, we need clarification on if this is mandatory.  We also continue to discuss vests for PSAs in DAPO and OSATS.

CDCR management continues to move forward with all divisions planning for implementation of AB 109.  These plans are being completed, yet we do not know what funding mechanism will be used for the processes required to accomplish the realignment from state services to the counties.  As a result, the impact to DAPO is still not known.  As the budget is resolved, more information should be forthcoming. 

Region III has suspended the PACT program and all PACT agents have been placed in field AUS positions.  Region I is also doing a modified version of converting PACT agents to the field.  Regions II and IV appear to be maintaining their PACT programs.  This has been a valuable service to parolees upon their release from custody, however, the future of this program is unknown.

A mandatory Vehicle Survey is going out for completion by parole agents.  It is being done under Governor’s Executive Order B-2-11 Vehicle Reductions.  It will be used to determine which vehicles CDCR will retain. 

Region III PAAC Representative Bill Heaton wrote a grievance regarding agents being required to work as back up to reception area support staff.  This is occurring throughout the state, but the grievance was only written for one location.  It was settled at the informal grievance settlement conference and the grievance was granted.  Other areas that are experiencing this same problem can contact him for a copy of the grievance if you need to file in your area.

POFF is ending for PA II and PA III Supervisors.  CCPOA Supervisory Vice-President Kevin Raymond is working to protect supervisor’s rights and benefits.  You can contact him at if you have suggestions or question.

CCPOA has received notices to meet and discuss impact on supervisory issues.  The same issues we have previously negotiated for rank and file.  However, the supervisory tables require supervisory participants.  If you are a PA II or PA III Supervisor, let me know if you are interested in being on any of those tables to discuss issues relative to supervisors.

Job Steward Training is being scheduled at different locations.  Contact CCPOA at 800-221-7397 for training in Ontario or El Centro.  Now that we have a signed MOU, every agent should review the sections that apply to DAPO and ensure that it is being adhered to in each unit.   If there are violations of the MOU or policy, contact your PAAC representative or any job steward to help you write a grievance.


June 9, 2011
Michael Angelo’s Pizza
2467 S. Euclid Avenue
Ontario, CA  91662

June 16, 2011
1445 Ocotillo Drive
El Centro, CA  92243

The next PAAC General Membership meeting is in Region II.  CCPOA President Mike Jimenez and Vice-President Chuck Alexander will speak at this meeting.

June 4, 2011
Courtyard Marriott
5555 Shellmound St.
Emeryville, CA  94608

Meetings will be from 9 AM to 2 PM.  Lunch is provided and PAAC will pay for parking.  It is important that we continue to work together.  Our profession is facing changes.  If you have questions, call your local representatives.