Things are moving fast and furious right now and it is difficult to stay on top of all of the changes that are occurring. We have over ten open negotiation tables/notices with notices continuing to be received. We are trying to get the most immediate ones on the calendar. Some changes are occurring without notice or negotiation and we will file PERB Unfair Labor Practices on these.

Six Month Discharges are now required for certain parolees as part of AB 109, which is beginning on October 1st. CCPOA was not given notice and therefore, we have not negotiated this change in workload. Margarita Perez has assured me that overtime will be available, if needed, pursuant to Policy #08-08. Even if your points are low, document the work during the month of September and request overtime if you need it. Region III agents have told me that their supervisors have offered 30 minutes for each discharge review. This is good if 30 minutes is what is needed to complete the work. However, it is actual time worked, not time offered. If you can do a discharge review in 15 minutes, that is what you need. If an hour is needed, that is what you should be compensated. If you follow the Discharge Policy #09-03, there is significant work associated with producing a discharge review. It is imperative that agents review cases and make appropriate recommendations. It is important to take adequate time to evaluate the case thoroughly.

Based on conversations with Margarita Perez, AB 109 training will be completed in September. CCPOA should be receiving a notice this week and a table should be scheduled soon to ensure that negotiations occur before the process is implemented. A review of the planned document shows that significant work changes are a part of this process. Training may start before negotiations based on the October 1st implementation date.

Parole Agent Requested Transfer (PART) was slated to begin on August 16, 2011. I have heard that some regions have made PART moves, but I do not have any specific information. Lindon Lewis stated that PAAC does not get to know the moves and/or participate in the process, as we previously have done with EOTs. We were told management would reconcile the process in a year to advise of the moves. This allows each region to make moves (or not) and not let the union know. This leads me to believe that MOU Section 19.06 PART is already being violated and a class action grievance will be filed next week. I have tried to resolve this with DAPO management, but have not been successful. Some agents in Region III have been prohibited from participating in PART because they work in a district with a vacancy rate that exceeds 10%. However, when we ask for vacancies in that region, we are told that none exist.

Transports with one person continue because it appears management does not want to pay overtime. If you are required to pickup parolees and you believe it is a two-person transport, follow up with an email to your supervisor, parole administrator and PAAC representative. I continue to hear situations that place agents in harms way. Hopefully, no harm will come to anyone before this is resolved.

Numerous recent Internal Affairs Investigations are based on Anti Narcotic Testing (ANT) discrepancies. There are notable problems with the chain of evidence between the offices and the contract vendor. Make sure you check for the results of all ANTs that you document in your ROS notes. That includes negative and positive results. Outside agencies have been looking into these issues so if you have problems with the agency that contract with CDCR for drug testing, document the issues with your PAAC representatives.

PA I Field Training Officers (FTO) have ceased to exist since there are no academies. Several of the FTO PA II Supervisors have continued to work with agents in the field in circumstances that require additional training. The FTO policy was recently modified

If you have a Facebook page, be aware that Internal Affairs investigations may result if it is determined that something on that site is improper. Even if you have a restricted page, “friends” have released info/pictures to DAPO management that have resulted in investigations. Review your page and delete pictures/information that could compromise your job.

The Southern Youth Reception Center and Clinic (SYRCC) layoff plan was submitted to the union. SROA notices have been sent to Parole Agent I’s in Los Angeles as part of this layoff notice. The full impact to DAPO agents will not be known until placements are made in the next few months. Only employees that have DAPO Parole Agent history can bump a PA I.

The first DAPO Parole Agent I to lose his position as a result of HQ reductions is in Sacramento. We are trying to mitigate this and find a place for him to utilize his re-employment rights. The agent was placed at a DJJ facility effective October 1st. This is more frustrating since we know there are vacancies in the county.

Negotiations for the Parole Agent II conversion from specialist to supervisor have still not concluded. I met with labor and management after the last table to clarify the issues. We are getting information we requested, so we can return to the table. Each region is holding meetings with all of their PA II Specialist to ask if they are willing to voluntarily convert to a PA II Supervisor. Region IV had a meeting last week and the other regions are scheduling them for September.

Point Pattern Analysis was a pilot program in Fresno and San Bernardino. Fresno completed the first 30 days and we should be meeting again to negotiate the impact of the program to determine if it will be rolled out to other units. San Bernardino stopped the program almost immediately after it started because of problems with the program. It is scheduled to resume September 1st after the vendor made some adjustments to the program.

The Alternative Custody Program (ACP) is scheduled for implementation in September 19, 2011. The union has not received a notice.

The next PAAC General Membership Meeting will be September 17, 2011 in Fresno at:
Fresno Deputy Sheriff’s Association
1360 Van Ness Avenue
Fresno, California 93721