MOU Section 19.06 Parole Agent Requested Transfers (PART) occurred once that we know of in Regions II, III and IV. As of this date, Region I has not done any PART moves. We are trying to get information to determine how the process has been utilized to date. Despite written requests for the information relative to the PART lists and moves done in each region, I have not received any information.

Reintegration model (53-1 caseloads) negotiations occurred on November 3. They were brief and ended so the management team could determine if Labor Relations or Department of Personal Administration (DPA) would do the negotiations. These negotiations are the result of a PERB Unfair filed after main table negotiations did not allow for this topic to be discussed. Team members are: Shawn Wilson, William Jones, Gilbert Gil, Todd Gillam and me. There were 20 units scheduled to begin the 53-1 caseloads on November 1st. The original reintegration model four pilot programs were 48-1 caseloads. Training is still occurring throughout the state. Management has indicated that they will add 20 units every six months. We have not negotiated this change in workload and are scheduled to resume meetings on December 13th with DPA.

PA II Conversion negotiations concluded with an agreement on November 10, 2011. Team members have included: Darren Emery, Paul Price, Derrick Ross, William Charette, Kim Lopez, Todd Gillam and me. At the last table, management reiterated that conversions can only be done on current vacancies. Therefore, it is unknown why the meetings were held in each region asking existing PA II specialists if they were willing to convert their existing positions. With the hiring freeze in place, all promotions are on hold. We anticipated that hiring may resume in February.

The VPOS job advertisements are advertising counties and not the vacancies for PA II Supervisor. I will be contacting management to ascertain why there are blank advertisements, which makes it difficult for applicants to know what positions are available.

We have talked to numerous agents in all four regions who are acting as PA II’s and PA IIIs and not getting out of class pay, pursuant to MOU Section 9.07. We will be discussing the best way to pursue this. We may file a grievance in each region, or simply file a statewide grievance. If you are aware of this happening in your area contact your PAAC representatives.

Negotiations for the Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP)/DAPO merger continued on November 28th. This is the previous OSATS division. BU 6 staff should not move until negotiations are completed and work should not be done across hiring authority lines. Agents from OSATS should not be doing DAPO work and vice versa. I received a copy of a Region IV DAPO OD schedule with OSATS agents assigned coverage. This should not be happening. Let me know if this is occurring anywhere in the state.

OT Policy 08-08 seems to be disregarded by many units in the state. It is important that if you need overtime, you request via email for a paper trail. If OT is not approved, send a second email noting that you will not be able to meet your caseload specs and put it in your files for future reference. It is unfortunate that many supervisors and district administrators think it is appropriate to waive specs on these cases to avoid paying overtime. This lessens the importance of parole supervision.

The change in processing 3056 PC holds and removal of holds is causing additional work and confusion for staff. This work increase for PA II’s has not been negotiated. We have a negotiation table on December 1st for AB 109 and will have discussion on this issue. There appears to be an increase in NIC hearings, since jails are either not allowing 3056 PC bookings or parolees are released before they have a revocation hearing. This and other aspects of AB 109 are causing additional work for agents. Please contact the negotiation team member from your region or your PAAC representatives to provide all workload issues associated with AB 109. Team members are Matt Hill, Ed Stinnett, John Bostick, Karen Cox and me.

There are continued reports of agents working the reception area in the parole offices. That is BU 4 work and not appropriate for peace officers. Please call your local PAAC reps and let them know all locations where this is occurring and we will be pursuing this problem.

DAPO management has been preparing an 830.2 PC survey to provide information to agents about the implications of this proposed change in peace officer status. The survey will be voluntary and ask agents if they want to have this change. It should be going out soon, so please watch for it and read the document.

GPS Pilot Programs for point pattern analysis in San Bernardino and Fresno have been cancelled. CCPOA received a notice to cancel those two units and expand to four new units. However, we have been told that those negotiations will not move forward and it appears that management wants to roll the program out statewide. We are waiting to get the information compiled to assess the program before we return to the table. It involves conducting a daily point pattern analysis on active and passive cases.

CPAT agents have completed the training with the taser guns and that is now available to them as part of their equipment.

HC PALS should be based on CSRA risk scores. If cases are CS PALS and have a risk score of 5, agents should take those cases to their supervisors for review.

The HRSO Containment Model notice was received by CCPOA and we had one day of negotiations this year, with no resolution. It was supposed to be recalled. However, it has not been recalled and parts of that policy have been implemented. CCPOA will be filing a 27.01 MOU grievance on this policy.

We have received a notice to negotiate a duty statement change for PACT agents. Many of the changes have already occurred. This is a violation of 27.01 of the MOU and we will be filing on that process. PACT has been suspended in Region III and significantly reduced in many areas. It is unclear what the direction of the department in relation to this job function.

I will be updating the job steward list on this web site soon. If you are interested in getting Job Steward training, send me an email. Sacramento has job steward training scheduled on December 14th. I will try to get Job Steward training scheduled in the San Diego area soon. If you are a job steward and not on the list, please let me know.

The DJJ agents will graduate from the parole agent academy on December 16th. Some agents will be returning to their juvenile caseloads, while others will be coming directly to adult caseloads. FTO agents should be activated for this graduating class. The second academy will begin January 9th.

Do more, know more. Tough times should bring more involvement, not less. We now have a contract and we need to work together to ensure that management is following it. There is strength in standing together to protect our profession and the integrity of the MOU.

The next PAAC General Membership Meeting will be December 3, 2011 in San Diego at:

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay
1441 Quivira Road
San Diego, CA 92109