The second academy for DJJ Agents started in January and will conclude in March. This is the last of the DJJ agents transitioning to DAPO. Agents that have previously attended the DAPO academy and have continuously been employed in parole agent classifications are also being required to attend the academy again if they have been on extended medical or workers compensation or worked at a different division within CDCR. This is in conflict with DAPO’s existing policies and we will file a class action grievance immediately to address this issue.

We have 5 grievances scheduled for mini-arbitration on February 10, 2012. Three are from Region III and may be resolved before this date. Two are overtime grievances from Region IV that will probably move forward.

There continue to be many reports of agents working out of class and not being compensated pursuant to MOU section 9.07. We will file a region or statewide grievance on this issue. Call if you are aware of these situations.

We are printing unit workload summaries throughout the state. There are units with caseloads in excess of 200 points. In some cases, specs are not being waived and in some cases overtime compensation is not provided. We are trying to get information and will file a grievance in those locations that are violating Policy 08-08.

PA II conversions continue statewide. Region IV has had the majority of these conversions to date. Regions I and II are currently conducting interviews. We anticipate more promotions in these regions in the next 30 days. A statewide grievance on this violation of our signed agreement is pending and we anticipate a response from Labor Relations soon. Region III conducted interviews for PA II Supervisors for CPAT. It was reiterated numerous times during negotiations, that CPAT is not funded through the legislature and is not involved in the conversion process. We will file a separate grievance on that issue.

There are no PART moves occurring. There are however, moves occurring with agents being placed in different units. The PAAC reps are monitoring these moves and should determine if PART moves are appropriate if management moves are occurring regularly.

Professional Development Days (PDD) account for 32 hours of time credited to rank and file agents as of January 1, 2012. It is not clear how these hours will be reflected on your leave balances. Be aware of these hours and use accordingly.

AB 109 negotiations have not concluded. PC 3056 holds take extended time to place and remove. Let your local reps know what is occurring in your area so these workload impact issues can be addressed.

PACT negotiations will occur on February 9, 2012. Team members are Jim Gaupe, James Calderilla, and Bill Charette. There is a new duty statement proposed. The bigger issue is the future of PACT positions. PACT positions have been completely suspended in Region III.

Layoff letters have been mailed. Several agents in Region III/Los Angeles were on the list of individuals that received placement options letters, but they were not ultimately impacted during the final layoff process. There are several DJJ agents that received layoff notices. These notices will be a part of the CCPOA layoff table scheduled for February 1st. I will be observing that table.

New layoff projections relative to AB 109 have been distributed based on new OBIS numbers. SROA notices will be a continuous process in the future. If you are impacted, contact PAAC so we can help you with the process.

Revocation cases currently remain in local custody as a result of AB 109. All revocation cases should remain active on your caseloads.

Remember that your medical information is confidential. If your doctor takes you off work and/or prescribes medication, that information does not need to be provided to your employer. Keep that information confidential and have your doctor provide the basic information that is required to keep you off work. There are situations that have compromised employees’ peace officer status if it is misinterpreted by DAPO staff. Medical doctors should be the only ones that ascertain if the essential job functions of the classification cannot be met.

I try to answer all phone calls and emails. If I do not respond within several days, please contact me again.

The next PAAC General Membership Meeting is scheduled for February 11th in Region II.

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