CCPOA/PAAC filed a statewide grievance relative to agents Acting Out of Class and not being compensated appropriately. CCPOA granted a waiver on time frames and we are anticipating a response soon. Despite this grievance, it appears that agents continue to act out of class throughout the state without appropriate compensation. If you are aware of any situations where this is occurring, please let me know immediately.

I have received many inquiries about the medical questionnaire concerning the clearance for fitting of the respirator. While it is required, it is questionable why DAPO staff are required to answer the questions. We are not custody staff and are not fitted for a respirator, but only the N95 mask. Additionally there is no funding to purchase the N95 masks anyway. I will follow up to determine, what if anything, can be done with the information derived from the questionnaire. I have concerns that information derived from that questionnaire could be used for a fitness for duty in the future. The information was supposed to be confidential, so it is unknown if CDCR gets the information or if stays with the vendors that did the clearances.

We continue to have negotiations relative to AB 109 layoffs for Wave 2, in addition to work groups. There is currently a 30-day delay on the original time frames for SROA letters to go out for BU 6. We do not know if those time frames will change again. CDCR is working on funding issues relative to staffing packages for the institutions that may impact the number of staff affected in Wave 2. We do not have any answers at this point and have been working daily for the last two weeks to find solutions for the staff that are facing layoffs. There are a lot of rumors circulating. Please be patient while we work to resolve these issues. Layoffs by county are problematic and we are working to find solutions for both those that have Correctional Officer (C/O) in their career path and those that don’t. Discussions have been intensive. If anyone has any ideas on how to address these issues, please contact any of the team members. They are Gilbert Gil, Brent Epstein, Brenda Gibbons (Salinas Valley State Prison Chapter President) and me.

Six-month discharges appear to have resulted in larger numbers of discharges than anticipated. We continue to see the associated reduction in parolee numbers and it seems this may increase the number of parole agent positions reduced in Wave 2.

I met with Mike Jimenez and Chuck Alexander this month and we discussed several issues, including 830.2 PC. There was positive dialogue and we need to work through some aspects of this issue to see where we go from here. If there is a cost to this conversion, it will be difficult to get past the legislature during the current budget crisis. We are researching to determine if there are costs associated with this process.

The PA II Specialist to Supervisor conversion is occurring statewide. As of this date it seems that since PA II Supervisors are not an impacted class for Wave 2, DAPO is able to continue to fill these positions permanently, full time. However, there was a grievance written within days of our most recent signed agreement, based on violations of that agreement. It is unsettling when we continue to work with management to achieve an agreement, only to have it repeatedly violated before the ink dries.

Management should also be meeting with us on a supervisory table relative to this conversion. Despite repeated requests to get a notice to meet and discuss this and other supervisory issues, we have not received any reply. We may file excluded grievances soon on this.

Seniority scores should have been mailed out to all staff. You have 14 days to confirm your seniority score. It is very important that you follow through, as that will be crucial when layoffs occur. Errors on these seniority points created many problems during the last layoff process with institution staff. Make sure your score is correct and includes all of your BU 6 and/or SO 6 time, in addition to any military points you are entitled to. If you are a supervisor, all your state time should be counted.

Office closures have begun, with Marysville in Region I being the first to be reported by management. We will be receiving notices and will have to meet on these office closures to determine what the impact will be to staff.

Retired Annuitants (R.A.) are required to pay CCPOA dues when they work in BU 6 positions. Annuitants are being billed for past pay periods if they were fair share since the contract was signed. Active members that are fair share and did not pay that deduction after the contract was ratified are also now being billed for those back periods.

If you receive an Accounts Receivable notice and you are not sure it is accurate, you need to file a 15.12 MOU grievance immediately. This should stop the money from being taken from your paycheck until the outcome of the grievance.

If an audit is conducted on all or part of your caseload, make sure you get the results in a timely manner pursuant to 19.05 of the MOU. The person conducting the audit must, within ten (10) workdays of completion of the audit, provide, to the parole agent, a written summary of the audit. This is being violated frequently. Protect your rights and contact your local PAAC representative or any job steward if you are having problems.

There are many agents with excess caseload points, with some above 250 points. It is important that you request adequate overtime to accomplish the requisite work on your caseload or put in writing to your supervisor that you cannot complete the necessary work. That will protect you if an audit is done and there are deficiencies. You may also need overtime if you are covering behind an agent that is off work, if you are covering extra OD’s, board hearings, etc.

CCPOA State Board of Directors met in Ontario on April 21 2012. I appreciate those agents that took the time to come and hear what is going on in the organization. There was discussion on the pending layoffs and impact to institutions and DAPO.

The next PAAC General Membership Meeting is scheduled for April 28, 2012 in Region I at 9 AM. Mike Jimenez will be speaking. Matt Cate will also stop by for a brief presentation.

Woodlake Hotel
500 Leisure Lane
Sacramento, California 5815

Another PAAC meeting will be scheduled on June 16th in San Bernardino in Region IV. Information will be distributed soon.