The Statewide Bid (SWB) process for Wave 2 has now been completed. DAPO Agents were awarded 38 Correctional Officer positions and 11 Parole Agents positions. A recent development involves agents who are either out on Workers Compensation or FMLA. They are now having their awarded bids rescinded. This impacts them and agents that might have not been impacted if these agents remained in their awarded locations. A grievance will be filed on July 16th to address this.

The delayed SWB Wave 2 awards resulted in a very short time frame from notification to reporting to the CO academy in Galt on July 23rd. If there are any issues with the SWB, please contact me immediately.

We continue to work with the Placement Team to ensure that staff are in their correct counties for layoff purposes. A new seniority list has not been posted, but we hope that it will be as soon as they make the corrections that have been submitted to them.

As of July 13th, there had not been any bid awards granted for the PA II bid process. That is because Program 800 staff on the Re-employment list must be offered PA II vacancies before they can be eligible for SWB.

A grievance was filed July 9th relative to the Program 800 staff on the re-employment list. They were not offered vacancies throughout the state, despite staff being able to bid into those positions via SWB. We will wait to see if they are provided the vacancies before we settle that grievance.

Parole Service Associates (PSA’s) were initially given the opportunity to participate in the Voluntary Transfer Process. It was subsequently determined that there are not any viable vacancies to allow these transfers to occur, so PSA’s did not have an option to transfer.

Viable vacancies have been a problem for all classifications during Wave 2. Management has not been able to identify where vacancies exist and they have not been willing to resolve these discrepancies. There are errors of staff listed in wrong counties that will have a serious impact when we get to layoffs. Agents are being required to make life-altering decisions based on incorrect or incomplete information. This is an issue that we are working on daily. If you have any information relative to this, please get in touch with me.

I filed a statewide class action grievance on DAPO for failing to allow PART moves. The PART list ended on June 30th and you must resubmit your PART application effective July 1st if you are interested in transferring to another area. With retirements, resignations, etc., vacancies should exist for PART moves when Wave 2 ends on October 30th.

PACT agents were funded for the current fiscal year according to management. We were in the process of negotiating changes to the duty statement for PACT agents until management cancelled. DPA/Labor Relations closed negotiations and said they were not going to make any changes. However, it seems that changes have been made and positions are not being utilized. A grievance will need to be filed because CDCR/DAPO implemented changes without negotiating.

The PA II Specialist to Supervisor conversion continues. Names are being announced periodically for these promotions. Although PA II Supervisors were not noted as being impacted in Wave 2, PA II Supervisors did receive SROA letters in some areas. This is a result of PA III’s being impacted and demoting to PA II Supervisor.

We have had discussions with Labor Relations relative to the Acting Out of Class grievance we filed. There has not been a formal response as of this date. Management is compiling information to respond to the grievance.

CCPOA/PAAC met with CDCR management to negotiate the closure of the Marysville Parole Unit on July 2nd and 6th. We made no progress. There was no direction from CDCR on how agents are supposed to deal with problems that exist as a result of not having an office in the county they work. Parolees cannot get POC access causing violations, drug testing transient parolees is problematic, and other problems were presented. Despite attempts to get management to give direction to agents, no direction was received. Labor Relations left the table and is not willing to continue negotiations.

Effective July 1st, there was a 5% pay cut. Based on negotiations, one Personal Leave Program (PLP 2012) day will be added to your leave credits each month. You can use that day at your discretion.

Discharge Reviews were required to be done in a very reduced time frame this month. There are more due in 60 days. Based on your caseload, if you need overtime to accomplish this increased workload, request it via email to your supervisor. If you do not get overtime approved, contact your local PAAC representative. Also, document if you are unable to complete all of your work for the month.

Agents continue to report increased requirement to do clerical work. This encroaches on another bargaining unit’s work. If there is a problem when there is a clerical shortage, management should be developing other strategies to deal with this situation. Peace officers should not be doing receptionist duties, when our job is to supervise felons and contribute to community safety by doing that aspect of our job.

We again are receiving increased reports of agents being required to adjust their work schedule to avoid paying overtime. Please read the contract relative to this issue to ensure your rights are protected.

CCPOA 36th Annual Conference is August 29th and 30th at the Peppermill Hotel & Casino, 2707 South Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada.