Placement/Layoff Option packages for Wave 2 were mailed out last week. Employees in non-impacted counties received these packages and we have contacted Resource Planning for answers as to why this would happen. Every county differs on the number of staff that received the packages and the amount of BU 6 time for those staff. There are numerous inconsistencies and apparent errors. We are addressing these problems. Agents that are currently in the C/O academy also received these packages and we are trying to get answers as to whether these are related to their impact status in their Parole Agent position.

We have been advised that there will be a “Wave 2.5” for layoffs. CCPOA has not yet received a notice, but we anticipate it will be starting soon. There are no definitive numbers, but it is reported that “Wave 2.5” will be Parole Agents only and will be much larger than the previous wave.

We continue to work with the Placement Team as there continue to be errors for employees’ correct counties for layoff purposes. We have been told that corrections have been made, but we do not have an amended seniority list by county to confirm.

As a reminder, all lateral moves are frozen as part of the signed agreement for Wave 2. I continue to hear of moves being made and need staff to provide information of any lateral moves they are aware of.

We are seeing an increasing amount of units merging and offices closing. Gilbert Gil, Steve Shadley and I met with Region IV Management to talk about the Long Beach closure slated for March of 2013 and the more imminent move of Fontana and Rialto to the San Bernardino complex. We have also been notified of the closure of the Inglewood complex effective October 31st. We must meet to discuss the impact 30 days before that date, so we should be doing that in September.

Following our last meeting regarding Parole Service Associates (PSA’s) and their amended Over/Under report (which was posted on the web). We agreed with the document. Apparently, the number of impacted staff has again changed. Unfortunately, management has not provided us with that new information. We have repeatedly asked for those corrections, so PSA’s have factual information to make decisions.

Workload has never been negotiated for the 53:1 caseloads. At least one unit exceeded 100 cases per agent on these caseloads and we consistently see caseloads above 53. CCPOA is having an attorney pursue this issue to attempt to have CDCR negotiate this change in working conditions.

We began negotiations on the Point Pattern Analysis (PPA) for GPS Agents on August 23rd. Team members are: Patrick Hodak (Region I), David Jones (Region II), Lorrie Schindler (Region III), and Santiago Auditor (Region IV). The table is still open and we have not reached an agreement. DAPO plans to implement PPA statewide in September. It is imperative that you contact your local team members and advise how this program impacts your workload. We will resume negotiations 30 days after implementation. It is important that you do not run tracks outside of your work schedule, unless you are getting paid.

There is a current Rotation Policy 01-15 which addresses sex offender caseloads, in addition to other assignments. It is available on the CDCR website and indicates that agents should be rotated out of sex offender caseloads after 30 months. As is the case in most scenarios, management does not always follow its own policies.

Retired annuitants continue to be used throughout the state in all classifications. These assignments are supposed to be ended before layoffs, in the classification, unless they are determined to be “critical to the mission”.

Regions III and IV will be merging, in addition to Regions I and II. This will probably occur after the first of the year. As parolee population continues to decrease

Please check the job steward list on the web page for accuracy. If names are on the list that should not be, or if there are Parole Agents or PSAs that are job stewards and not on the list, please contact me immediately so I can correct the list.

Job Steward training is scheduled:

September 12, 2012
9 AM to 5 PM
CCPOA Headquarters
755 Riverpoint Drive
West Sacramento, CA 95605

To sign up call Sacramento CCPOA Office and ask for Cathy in Labor 800-821-6443

September 13, 2012
9 AM to 4 PM
212 Madonna Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

To sign up contact the Fresno CCPOA Office at 800-832-1415

The next meeting for PAAC is tentatively scheduled for October in Fresno. Upon confirmation of date and location, information will be disseminated.

CCPOA 36th Annual Conference is August 29th and 30th at the Peppermill Hotel & Casino, 2707 South Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada.