As information is distributed and posted regarding Wave 3 impacted employees and seniority, we already are seeing noticeable errors. There is a short time to try to get these errors fixed, so please contact Office of Resource Planning (ORP) AND me so I can keep track and try to also resolve. I need to know if PSA’s, Parole Agents, or Correctional Counselors (BPH) are listed in the wrong county, not listed at all and should be, seniority scores are wrong, etc.

Town hall meetings are scheduled the week of January 7th to coincide with the Statewide Bid Letters being sent out. It is important that you try to attend one of these sessions in your area to understand the process.

Correctional Counselors (CC) from the Board of Prison Hearings (BPH) are impacted in this wave as the revocation process will be taken over by the counties in July. There are also CC impacted in prisons, so they are competing for a small number of vacancies in their classification.

Impact is by classification in county, based on your office location. While that has some problems we continue to address, there are significant problems with the BPH and their CC’s. If you have a problematic situation, send me an email.

As a result of Wave 2 impact, caseloads in some areas are high. It is important that you document all attempts to get specs waived or overtime approved via email to your Supervisor and/or District Administrator. Contact your local representatives if you are not able to get adjustments and/or OT. If your supervisor is repeatedly waiving specs or waiving specs for a quarter, please let me know immediately. It is important that DAPO continue to supervise those parolees that are in our jurisdiction. Continuously waiving specs to avoid paying overtime needs to be addressed if it is occurring.

I have been tracking the Retired Annuitants that continue to work while our staff is being laid off or demoted. This information has been provided to CCPOA who is also pursuing this situation.

The statewide Acting Out of Class grievance has still not been resolved. We think that Labor Relations may be writing a settlement agreement, but we have not received it yet. As of this date, and despite the attention brought by this grievance, DAPO continues to have staff in Acting Out of Class positions that are not being compensated. We will need to start writing new, individual grievances where this is occurring. If you know of any circumstances please contact your local representative.

Workload negotiations for the 53:1 caseloads are still pending. Due to the number of dates to negotiate Wave 3, we have not had any recent dates for these negotiations. The team will be meeting informally this month to write proposals for future negotiations. Please contact your local team member in your Region to provide any input on these caseloads. I have been getting some good email suggestions recently. The overtime issue is one aspect I think we can get some clarification on during our next negotiation meeting. Team members are: Anita Earl (Region I), Shawn Wilson (Region II), John Bostick (Region III) and Gilbert Gil (Region IV).

GPS Agents using Point Pattern Analysis (PPA) are sending me input periodically. Please remember to send me emails if you are unable to get OT or get your tracks reviewed daily. Documentation is important if something occurs when you were unable to get some part of your work done. If you notify your supervisor, they make the decision to authorize overtime or are aware that you are not able to meet all your work specs.

We met with Region III and IV regarding reassignments relative to closing offices, consolidating units and redirecting staff to manage caseloads. Region III made some adjustments based on contract issues and Region IV has also been receptive. If you are being moved and have concerns, contact me.

The pilot programs for the new Urinalysis Policy in San Luis Obispo, Salinas and Santa Cruz will begin this month.

Agents who do receptionist duties in their units continue to be problematic statewide. Although I thought we had fixed this issue, there still appear to be some complexes where this still occurs. Contact me if you are one of them.

CCPOA attorneys have been working on the SPB appeals for problems that arose as a result of Wave 2. There have been mixed results and we will continue to monitor these cases as there will undoubtedly be more of the same problems in Wave 3. Keep copies of all of your paperwork, correspondence, ORP questions and answers, etc. It is important in the event you need to file grievances or appeals.

We are trying to ensure that each region has monthly meetings with the PAAC representatives to bring local issues to the table to discuss. If you have things that you want addressed, contact your local representatives. When they cannot resolve the issues with the regionals, we can bring them to our monthly meeting with the DAPO Director.

A lot of information has been distributed recently that is not factual. Rumors cause problems that are time consuming to curtail. If you hear something and you are not sure if it is accurate, please call me or your elected PAAC representative to get clarification before misinformation is further disseminated. There is so much information and problems that exist during these extensive waves of layoffs/impact, we need to focus on the real issues.