Just a reminder that elections for the PAAC Board of Directors will occur this fall. The final date to submit the intent to run for chapter office is September 11, 2013. There are positions available for two board members in each region and President and Vice-President. These elections will continue based on Regions I, II, III and IV.

CCPOA signed a written settlement agreement to resolve the statewide Acting Out of Class grievance. As of this date, the settlement payments have not yet been paid out. We will continue to monitor this, but are not sure what the delay is at this time.

At least 100 previously demoted, laid off or retired Parole Agents will be returning on September 9th to Limited Term PA positions throughout the state. They will have to complete some training in their respective Regions before they can return to caseloads in the field. The duration of these positions will be related to parolee population and caseload sizes, in addition to continuing retirements.

Workload negotiations concluded and a workload/overtime policy relative to CPSRM was released by DAPO on August 16th. It is incumbent on agents to request necessary overtime, when caseloads are excessive, when leave use by agents related to vacation or sick limits their ability to complete work, or any other situations that prevent staff from meeting job requirements. If overtime is needed, you should request early in the month, so you don’t get behind without adequate time to complete work.

Negotiations will begin next week for Reentry Hubs-California Identification Card Program. The impacted classifications are Correctional Officers, Correctional Counselors and Parole Service Associates. PSA Tynesha Bynum from PAAC will be on that table.

We continue to request PART moves pursuant to the MOU. Each local PAAC representative is requesting information, relative to vacancies and PART requests on file in their region.

Negotiations for the Court Transition Process will resume next month. We need information from the field, relative to workload and problems to take to the table.

We will resume negotiations soon relative to the issue of wearing vests. There are a few questions not answered, but this policy will be imminent once we conclude negotiations. If you have input on this issue, contact John Bostick, John Alvarez, or me immediately.

CCPOA Main table negotiations are continuing and it seems they may be close to finalizing MOU negotiations. I have worked with the main table team members for the contract sections that apply to parole agents.

Despite numerous requests, we have still not been able to receive a copy of the Re-employment list for any BU 6 classifications. Based on that, we do not know if the process is accurate. There are rehires occurring for PA I’s and PSA’s to date. If you are aware of problems or are not sure of rehire validity, contact me so I can request clarification.

Pay raises than went into effect in July, should have been reflected in your August paycheck. There are many problems reported and if you have not received your appropriate raise, contact your personnel specialist immediately. If that is not successful in rectifying the situation, you may need to file a grievance. I am working with CCPOA leaders to deal with staff that demoted to Correctional Officer and did not receive the raise, despite being at top pay as parole agent for at least one year before they demoted.

Always review your paycheck and make sure you are getting all increases you are entitled to such as physical fitness, longevity, education, and bi-lingual. The paychecks do not break these out and we are finding numerous staff not been receiving complete payments.

The next PAAC meeting will be 9:00 AM on October 19, 2013 at:

1441 Quivira Road
San Diego, California 92109