The state has started making payments relative to the settlement agreement, which resolved the statewide Acting Out of Class grievance. Make sure your payment is correct. I have reports of complete payments, partial payments and no payments. We have requested a meeting with Labor to get clarification on their process and see when these payments are expected to be completed.

The Limited Term (LT) Parole Agent positions have been filled statewide, however, there are still high caseloads at some locations. With projected reductions in parolee population in 2014 and another wave of reductions, it is unknown if there will be any more LT agents anytime soon.

Seniority Overtime should be occurring everywhere and is now a part of the MOU specific to our Parole Agent series. Although we have requested a statewide, regional and local seniority list, I have not received them as of this date.

We continue to request PART moves pursuant to the MOU. I have requested the PART applications statewide to see if this can be accomplished in compliance with MOU language considering viable vacancies. If you want to transfer, put in your PART request immediately in the event moves are done.

There has been numerous email ALERTS sent out regarding the Court Transition Process. This has caused confusion in the field and I requested that they go through the policy division, to ensure there is no conflict with existing policy or pending negotiations. We have not closed this negotiation table and have had no success in getting clarification/answers to questions relative to time loss, who does scanning, what are Court Agent’s duties, etc. We will be back to negotiations on November 5th. If you have issues, call or email one of the team members before that date. The team consists of me, Ed Stinnett, Ondre Henry and Irene Carrassco.

I have a meeting with Chuck Alexander and Suzanne Jimenez on Monday the 28th relative to the 4% raise that agents that were Correctional Officers on July 1st should have received. If we cannot get it resolved with Cal HR, then I will have to write a class action grievance. If anyone should have received the raise and did not, you should write an individual grievance. We are also working on staff that were $4, $3 or $1 below top step and did not get the raise to see if that can be fixed. If you are one of those agents, ask personnel for an audit of your pay and raises so we can see how this happened.

Correctional Officer (C/O) lateral transfers are occurring. Post and bid questions have been presented relative to C/O’s that are not in Limited Term Parole Agent positions. Stay in touch with your local Chapter President to request a bid and we will try to get a definitive answer.

We have asked for definitive answers to the question: Are PA’s required to answer their phone 24 hours a day/7 days a week? If that requirement exists, then “standby pay” should be a part of that process. There are statements by Supervisors that they will take the state car or that agents will be written up (some have and we have written grievances). The GPS agents are the ones that are most impacted by this.

Re-entry court agents should have caseloads of 48:1, which is what was negotiated for those positions.

I received questions about how to clean the GPS/EID devices. There was concern that the state would not purchase clorox/antiseptic wipes to accomplish this task. The state should be providing adequate tools to accomplish this process, which includes gloves and clorox wipes. You should not have to purchase these supplies yourself. Call me if you are not being provided these basic, essential items.

Pitchess motions are occurring in pending cases involving parole agents, which allows defense attorneys to get access to everything in your personnel file. That makes it imperative that you clean all your files of any old/outdated information.

All Retired Annuitants (RAs) are required to maintain all current requirements of the classification/series that are being employed. Dan Stone attended the PAAC meeting in San Diego on October 19th and we expressed concern with what appears to be an over use/abuse of RAs with so many staff laid off or demoted during previous waves.