RE-EMPLOYMENT-It is a pleasure to announce that all members (Parole Agent Classification) that returned Limited Term have been offered Permanate Full-Time Positions (officially rolled over).  Additionally, over the last two months, call have been going out to members impacted by layoffs and are currently on the Re-Employment List.  After incredible effort by your PAAC Board Members regarding high caseloads and high vacancies and the impact it has on public safety, the Administration is moving to fill positions.  Currently, re-employment of nearly 120 members impacted by layoffs have taken place and it appears there are more re-hires to come.  We will keep you posted on this incredible news as it develops.

WORKLOADThere still appears to be on going issues as it relates to caseloads (CPSRM, SOMP, Gang Caseloads etc.). Most of the issues surround high case counts and additional duties because of policy changes.  If there are issues regarding workload that are problematic because of high caseloads  and/or caseload changes/modifications (Goals and Needs, COMPUS Review, Progress Reports, Containment Meetings etc.), please let your PAAC Board know of problem areas, so that the issues can be addressed.

OVERTIMEOvertime is still an issue in some areas.  For those Agents that are carrying high caseloads, or required to perform additional duties (additional O.D. coverage, assist with arrest, transports to remote program location, etc.), it is extremely important that you request the necessary overtime to complete these functions.  If there are difficulties get supervisior approval, please contact a PAAC Board Member or Job Steward.  Overtime and caseload adjustments should be an on-going discussion between case carrying PA-I’s and their supervisors.  This is the only way we can demonstrate the need for additional staff and caseload reductions. Please dont work for free! 

COURT TRANSITION-By now we are certain that all member have heard and felt the impact of the Williams decision on the Parole Revocation Process.  The shortened time lines for producing Violation Reports is hugely problematic and are a work speed up as it relates to caseload management.  Where there are issues regarding this subject and the review process (Parole Administrator Review), please share specific case with PAAC Board Members immediately.  The changes are under constant review and every effort is being taken to mitigate the negitive impact of this decision.

CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS-Contract Negotiations for the new contract have began. The current contract is set to expire July 1, 2015.  Main Table teams began meeting this month and talks are set to continue until negotiations are complete.  PAAC will have a team that will be negotiating Parole Agent matters at side tables in the near future.  Surveys have gone out to members regarding what issues are most important to PAAC Members.  For those who have not received a survey, please contact a PAAC Board Member.  In order to serve our members better, we have to know the issues that are most important to YOU!  Please complete a survey and return them as soon as possible.

JOB STEWARDS-There is a tremedous amount of work and effort that goes into running a statewide organization such as PAAC.  The need for involvement from our members is constant and necessary. All members are encouraged to attend Job Steward Training to not only be empowered by the information provided in the training, but also to serve and assist others. If you are interested in becoming a Job Steward or know someone who is please contact a PAAC Board Member or CCPOA directly for information on upcoming training dates. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

Next PAAC Meeting MAY 2015


Courtyard by Marriott Emeryville

5555 Shellmound St

Emeryville,  CA  94608


Self-Parking will be paid by  PAAC

Continental Breakfast & Lunch Buffett will be Provided

SATURDAY, May 9, 2015


Topics of Discussion:

  • PART Moves
  • Instant ANT Program
  • Firearms an Body Armor update
  • Re-Employment
  • CPSRM Workload/Overtime
  • POFF Rollover
  • Upcoming Main Table Contract Negotiations