With the start of Realignment on October 1st, we still have many unresolved issues. The two days of negotiations were not successful in dealing with many of the concerns and unanswered questions, so we will have to resume negotiations in the near future. The inability to book parole violators, early releases of parolees from county jails without notice, and errors in placement of inmates into county supervision are just some of the problems. Please continue to report problems to your local reps and team members so we can monitor the problems and issues. Team members are: Ed Stinnett, John Bostick, Karen Cox, Todd Gillam and I. We need to know if there are significant increases in releases prior to revocation and/or released before imposed revocation period is served. Any extra work or other problems incurred as a result of this process should be documented.

Parole Agent Requested Transfers (PART) are occurring in the regions. We are trying to get information to determine how the process is working, but have not been able to get complete data. Region I is the only region as of this date that has not done PART moves, but we have received the list of those requesting moves and the vacancy list. Region II and IV have done moves and we are trying to compile all the information so the local reps can be assured the moves are being done pursuant to the MOU. I am trying to ensure transparency in this process, but hitting some obstacles in getting management to provide comprehensive information to the local PAAC representatives.

Reintegration model negotiations will occur on November 3 & 4. Team members are: Shawn Wilson, William Jones, Gilbert Gil, Todd Gillam and me. There are 20 units scheduled to begin the 53-1 on November 1st. Training is still occurring throughout the state. Management has indicated that they will add 20 units every six months.

DJJ agents began the academy October 3rd. The next academy is scheduled for January 9th. Some of the agents that are graduating from the first academy will go directly to adult caseloads, while others will return to their juvenile caseloads until their cases are completely gone.

The Sideletter for voluntary transfers for Correctional Officers that CCPOA recently negotiated does not apply to parole agents. The opportunities that are currently available for BU 6 members in institutions are occurring in intervals. I hope there will be vacancies remaining when our agents are impacted and facing layoffs/moves. Chuck Alexander has stated that DPA has contacted CCPOA to discuss impact of AB 109/position reductions for parole agents and he will be meeting with them.

Point Pattern Analysis was a pilot program in Fresno and San Bernardino. It was cancelled this month and there are four new GPS locations scheduled to begin this process. Negotiations were not completed and we are waiting to reschedule in November to conclude the revised pilot programs. We were supposed to get information from the original pilot locations and that has not yet been provided to us. It is still unclear why they are excluding the two original units from the continuing pilot program. Usually, pilots just expand and continue with the original participants.

We concluded negotiations for the Alternative Custody Program (ACP) on October 12, 2011. Team members were Mireya Audet, Medra Pattillo, Ernie LeVario and me. There are minimal participants at this time, but management expects to see an increase in these numbers. Since there was only one ACP participant at the time of negotiations, we don’t know the full workload impact. The table is closed, but we can reopen if there are changes or new work identified.

Negotiations for the OSATS/DAPO merger have again been delayed. BU 6 staff should not move until negotiations are completed. OSATS agents should not be doing DAPO work and vice versa. I received a copy of a Region IV DAPO OD schedule with OSATS agents assigned coverage. This should not be happening. Let me know if this is occurring elsewhere in the state.

Parole Agent II Conversion negotiations again could not be successfully closed. There was a conflict on information received at the most recent table, so we will have to continue negotiations in November. DAPO will not move forward with implementation of this conversion until we conclude the table. Meetings have been held throughout the state with management asking existing PA II AUS and specialists if they were willing to convert their positions. This has not been a part of the negotiations and we do not know what will happen with these positions. We currently are only negotiating vacant PA II AUS positions.

SROA notices are being distributed. I know the numbers are large and there are many unknowns. Unfortunately, after the conference call on October 27, there was no clear sense of when we will start seeing an impact or how the reduced staffing will impact us.

The next PAAC General Membership Meeting will be December 3, 2011 in San Diego at:

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay
1441 Quivira Road
San Diego, CA 92109

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